Privacy policy

  This privacy policy applies to activities directly related to your visit to the Guangzhou Bi soft web site, but does not apply to third party websites connected to the Guangzhou Bi soft web site. We strongly recommend that you read the third party privacy policy before providing information to these sites. Guangzhou does not assume any responsibility or obligation for the third party website.
Collect, use, and deliver your information
  You can visit most of the Guangzhou Bi soft sites without having to disclose any identification information (personal data). However, you may choose to provide your personal information to us ("personal information" or "information"), for example, when you contact us, for our website to provide seminars, activities and projects, or your request for information / service.
  You may also volunteer to provide us with other people's personal data and / or information, such as your spouse, colleague or friend. In this case, we will assume that you have other people's permission not to be limited by any time, region, and permit content, and to provide personal data and / or information to other people in Guangzhou.
  The Guangzhou soft ware may represent suppliers in the collection, processing, storage, use, analysis and delivery of these personal data and / or information. In this case, the responsibility of the "Guangzhou Bi soft" is simply to require these suppliers to handle or pass on your personal data and / or information in accordance with the Guangzhou Bi privacy policy. Provide us with personal information on behalf of you and agree to send your information by supplier instead of Guangzhou soft ware for processing or delivery.
  The Guangzhou soft will process personal data and / or information that you have learned when you visit the website in the following manner :
If you visit a web site, read or download information such as news, product information, case studies, or articles :
  We will collect, process or deliver the following personal data about you: the domain name of your connection to the network, the date and time of your visit to our website, and the web site you link to our website. We may use this information so that we monitor the amount of access to different sections of the site and improve the performance of our website. In order to improve your access quality, or for statistical purposes, we may use "Cookies" and / or technology to collect non personal identification information when you visit our website. You can set your browser, turn off "Cookies", or give a warning when any site attempts to load Cookies on your computer. However, if you close "Cookies", some sites may not work properly.
If you visit any Guangzhou Bi soft web site, submit personal information :
  We will collect, process and / or deliver detailed information provided by your contact form on our website, including your own or any third party's personal information. Submit any personal information in Guangzhou blue soft website, said you authorize Guangzhou Bi soft use, processing and transfer (if need these information, even when cross-border) is in the domestic or the level of data protection and some countries with high level protection standards such as not commensurate with the recommendations of the EU data protection directive standard, the country may between. In these countries, Guangzhou country soft will ensure the processing of your personal information to comply with the privacy policy: Guangzhou country soft will not be personal information to third parties, but your personal information will be automatically transferred to the Guangzhou country inherited most of the assets and business of the soft.
If you are a customer, or a member of a client organization, or a sub contractor :
  You provide to Guangzhou country soft personal information, including the third party personal information, such as your spouse, colleagues and friends, will be stored in the collection, when necessary, use and transfer to Guangzhou country soft to your company to implement business or looking for potential future business. If you provide us with your personal information, either by E-mail form, name card, business talks, oral account or otherwise, we will assume that you have to authorize us unlimited collection, storage, use and transfer of the information, even the protection level in China and some countries or data with high standard standard of protection - such as not commensurate with the recommendations of the EU data protection directive standard possible between countries. We also assume that you have unrestricted permission from third parties to convey personal information to others.
The disclosure of legal requirements:
  Please note that due to the personal data you visit Guangzhou Bi soft website by what we learned, or you provide to Guangzhou country soft personal information may be disclosed according to law (for example, according to the statutory provisions, court order or summons).
  Guangzhou Bi is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by your visit or access to the Guangzhou Bi soft web site or any information provided by the Guangzhou soft web site. Guangzhou Bi soft to any and all direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special of punitive, or other damages, lost opportunities, not liable for loss of profits or any other loss or damage. This restriction includes damage to any computer device that may affect you or any virus.
Applicable law:
  Your visit and use of the Guangzhou Bi soft website and the contents of the Guangzhou Bi soft website are governed and explained by the laws of the People's Republic of China.
Privacy policy update:
  Guangzhou Bi is ready to update its privacy policy at any time. If we make significant changes to our privacy policy, we will publish notices and updated privacy policies on our company's website.

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