BIRept is the telecommunications industry proven partner, a balanced portfolio of solutions and services through technology, and in-depth knowledge of the industry and professional service team, to help customers quickly and effectively implement telecom solutions, continue to maintain a leading technology and business.

The traditional telecommunications industry is undergoing rapid changes, from the decision-making to the operational level, there is an urgent need to adjust, including restructuring, resource optimization, enterprise transformation, industrial value chain integration, etc.. Telecommunications service providers need to rely on external professional services and knowledge to accelerate and implement these changes.

BIRept technology is a proven partner in the telecommunications industry. From 1999 start for the telecommunications industry to provide software development and testing services to the present, the industry has changed and is undergoing tremendous changes, our service level with the client's business expansion and upgrading in the development of fast synchronization.

Service area:

Product engineering services

Product and application testing

• IT application development services

• maintenance, migration, customization

• telecom infrastructure and desktop support services

• technical support

Specialty areas:

• telecom equipment - MSC, base stations, etc.

• OSS / BSS - billing, reporting, evaluation, analysis, etc

• wireless networks - WiFi, network connections, etc.

• smart terminals - smartphones, iPad, etc.

• network management systems - SNMP, JMX, OpenNMS

• mobile Internet - applications, multimedia content, games, etc.

• value-added services - Mobile TV, payment, etc.

• customer service - portals, CRM, etc.

• NFN applications and services - exchange, IVR, VOIP, SIP

Through the balanced combination of technology, solutions and services, Bi technology has been helping the telecommunications industry's leaders to overcome the challenges and continue to maintain leading-edge technology and business. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry and professional service team will help customers to implement telecom solutions quickly and efficiently.

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