Salary and benefits

Guangzhou BIRept is committed to providing employees with comprehensive welfare protection, staff work and life balance, and promote "efficient work, happy life."". We have established a scientific compensation system and a performance incentive system to meet the company's strategic development. It is based on staff and is based on performance, providing fair and competitive remuneration returns.

The company has launched a long-term incentive plan to share the results of the company's performance with employees and achieve a win-win situation between the company and its employees. The company pays close attention to every employee and provides competitive benefits to employees from work, life, health and many other aspects.



In addition to the kind of insurance provided by the state, employees are paid on schedule, and additional group insurance is provided for the employees.


Vacation class

The provisions of the state public holidays, paid annual leave, paid sick leave, maternity leave, nursing leave, paternity leave, in addition, the old employees can enjoy the company of welfare.


Gift class

Every time the traditional holidays, the company will not forget to pass warm gifts, every summer, for outdoor work staff, the company also has high temperature subsidies.


Traffic class

The company provides free shuttle buses in several cities, which is convenient for employees to travel and solve traffic problems.


Care class

Pay attention to their physical and mental health, in addition to providing annual physical examination, and organized a number of activities, the staff birthday party as company cooperation and Lily network staff provide marriage bridge, and discount service convenience.


Company specific benefits

Company and Hengda Real estate group cooperation, if for our staff, the purchase of national Hengda Real estate, the application will enjoy an additional discount at the company level. In addition, encouraging senior managers to actively support regional development and construction of the company has introduced an attractive expatriate welfare policy.

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