BIRept top retail enterprises provide application development and maintenance, testing and application of supply chain management, e-commerce and payment IT outsourcing services, to enable enterprises to have on demand in the reform of competitive ability.

The information age, affecting the development of network technology in the retail industry is huge, the network technology has broken the boundaries of time and space of the retail market, the development of the Internet makes great changes in the way people buy homes, can easily complete the shopping process used to spend a lot of time and energy in the online shopping way changes cause the change. Retail sales and retail revolution is no longer a local innovation on a small scale, but a real sense of the revolution.

BIRept technology is Asia's leading comprehensive IT services and industry solutions, we provide IT outsourcing and business process outsourcing services to the top of the retail business, make your business have on demand in the reform of competitiveness.

Service area:

• application development and maintenance

Application testing

• managing infrastructure management and Desktop Services

• ERP, CRM, data warehouse, business intelligence

Supply chain management

Logistics management

• asset and inventory management

• e-commerce and payment

Implementation process:

• strictly follow the CMMI5 process or agile software development practices

• define the scope of requirements, i.e., through customer communication, Demo, etc., to guide and tap customer requirements to form a clear demand baseline document

• system design, application architecture development, system design documentation

• coding and unit testing to ensure code quality

• testing engineering, through testing, strictly grasp product quality

• product integration and on-line

• product delivery and maintenance

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