Talent training

In order to make the Guangzhou country soft every employee occupation to obtain greater development space, personal potential to obtain the continuous development of the company, designed the occupation development system, system of skills certification system and covering all levels of staff training system.

In the perfect career development and training system, each employee can be trained in many ways. Leadership training, frontline managers, special training camp, technical lecture hall, new staff special training camp and other projects, so that employees from the beginning of the company to join the management positions, in different stages of development have sufficient training opportunities.

We stress the growth of employees in practice, follow the "70-20-10" principle, let employees 70% grow up at work, 20% grow up in coaching and mentoring, and 10% grow up in training and learning. It has gradually established a BIRept characteristics of job rotation, given more responsibility and special projects for the development of post occupation development mode, to provide mobile, fragmentation, games, community and other means and methods of training, so that employees can practice.

Talent is the cornerstone of the success of Guangzhou BIRept, "Guangzhou BIRept" is a platform for the development of talent!

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