Pharmaceutical industry


Bi soft top pharmaceutical companies to provide IT outsourcing and business process outsourcing services, to help customers to enforce the quality standards and regulatory tasks, Bi soft services and solutions to adapt to the changing environment, research on the fusion method change rapidly.

The high demand for innovation and research has made the pharmaceutical industry one of the fastest growing industries. The industry faces a variety of challenges: patent maturity, changes in government regulations and policies, fast-paced competition, changing data reporting standards, and so on. With the rapid progress of science and technology, increasingly complex and uncertain factors, survival and development become more and more difficult. The changing economic environment, stricter regulations and policies, and other political issues put this particular industry under special pressure. Therefore, investment in R & D is crucial, and the quality of information has become the key to success. Pharmaceutical companies need to rely on external support to achieve high quality data analysis results, as well as powerful data processing capabilities.

Services and solutions in the pharmaceutical industry enable us to adapt to changing environments and evolving methodologies for research and development. We provide IT outsourcing and business process outsourcing services to top pharmaceutical companies to help customers strictly implement quality standards and regulatory tasks.

Service area:

• application development and maintenance

Application testing

• managing infrastructure management and Desktop Services

• ERP, CRM, data warehouse, business intelligence

Business process outsourcing services

Specialty areas:

Knowledge and documentation management

Clinical data management

Test management

• enterprise ERP

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