Bi soft extensive practical experience and customized solutions to help media enterprises to improve production efficiency, operational flexibility, technology and process innovation, effectively deal with the protection of intellectual property rights and consumer behavior changing challenges.

The development of technology is hitting the media and information industry, and consumers want to get huge amounts of information with simple mouse clicks. For media and information companies, it is crucial to define and implement digital strategies that can only adapt to and meet changing consumer interests with technological innovations. Various information channels appear constantly in force enterprises to change the business model, optimize resources, devise feasible and innovative business philosophy to provide personalized and interactive service segments, such as intellectual property, business flexibility, innovation, instant content and service version etc..

Bi soft science and technology extensive practical experience and customized solutions have helped many media enterprises to improve production efficiency, operational flexibility, technology and process innovation, so as to effectively deal with the protection of intellectual property rights, consumer behavior mode changing, using a single channel of information the limitation brought by the challenge. In addition, Bi soft technology also has an experienced team, they have a wide range of technical expertise and knowledge, mastering cutting-edge technology and efficient process, ensure the easy solution for you. Over the years, the company has established business partnerships with well-known media and information companies in many broadcasting, gaming, publishing and other fields.

Service area:

• new media services:

• multi-channel publishing (B2B)

• user experience, -Web2.0 version, and social networking

Mobile media

• digital media publishing

Streaming media system

Online advertising

Publishing and information services:

Content management

Edit services

Document and information management

Search engine technology

Core advantage:

• our center of excellence has achieved business collaboration with a number of media and information industry leaders.

• we have leading proprietary technologies such as FAST, ESP, Hadoop, Sharepoint, including:

• data storage, loading, indexing, and auditing

Search and query

• information processing, transformation, early warning

• the scope of our services is rapidly expanding, including complete systems engineering and core technology and product support services.

• we continue to invest in innovation and develop effective processes and methodologies, and service efficiency continues to improve.

Commercial value:

Bi soft technology continuous investment in research and innovation, pay close attention to changes in the media industry and enterprises, by virtue of our core strengths in the media and information industry to end service, so that our customers can predict future changes, timely adjustment of business models and processes to avoid risks, to regain commercial value. We can help you achieve digital strategy, complete the effective communication with your clients in a multi channel with high efficiency and low cost, optimize your core business process does not need to increase investment, make sure your team to focus on core business.

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