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As the leading consumer electronics companies trust brand, is committed to using China based Bi soft solid professional skills and professional knowledge, to help customers continued product innovation, and create to help customers enter the emerging market platform to achieve steady and rapid development.

Nowadays, the consumption electronic products are rich in people's daily life. They bring convenience as well as the lifestyle of the future. Supply and demand factors make competition in the consumer electronics industry extremely intense. Demand factors include changing requirements, different characteristics of consumer groups, emerging market expectations, rapidly changing technology areas and rapid product elimination, etc. the supply factor is composed of fluctuating input costs. The twin challenges of supply and demand have kept companies under pressure and focused on finding high cost effectiveness and promoting innovation in products and services. As a leading consumer electronics companies trust the brand, Bi soft technology is committed to using solid professional skills and expertise to help customers Chinese, continuous product innovation, and create to help customers enter the emerging market platform to achieve steady and rapid development.

Service area:

Bi technology is very specialized in the entire development cycle of entertainment, communications and office equipment. Coverage of service areas:



Specialty areas:

• embedded software development and testing

• board support package development and customization

• customization development and implementation of embedded operating system

Middleware development and testing

• firmware and driver development and testing

Hardware testing

• automated testing and tool development

• maintenance and reengineering of legacy systems

Core advantage:

We are proud of our technological advantage in various software, hardware, platforms, and processors. Technology involves electronic device drivers, communication protocols, and applications.

Bi - tech professional testing solutions to ensure the timely realization of product features and the resulting excellent user experience. We have a variety of brands and other computer peripheral equipment, specialized wireless and WHQL testing laboratories, and thousands of qualified testing engineers, to help customers identify problems and propose effective solutions in a timely manner.

Commercial value:

The whole country soft technology for consumer electronics products and solutions, enabling customers to focus on their core competitiveness, with excellent products and broaden the market quickly bring the advantage of labor cost income. Our process covers the entire product life cycle, supports continuous improvement of product quality and benefits, reduces development risks, and helps customers to invent innovations with insight and wisdom.

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