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Cooperation in the supply chain software BIRept system at home and abroad well-known automobile manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, to help customers meet in the production process of dynamic and fragmented demand, including spare parts management, sales, logistics and finance.

After the financial crisis, the automotive industry is looking for the road to rejuvenation, and the challenges remain grim, mainly the rapid changes in customer demand, rapid technological change and the green revolution in the automotive industry. Car manufacturers are trying to innovate, and create personalized and differentiated solutions to enhance the loyalty of old customers and to win new customers, in order to remain invincible in the fierce market competition.

Cooperate BIRept technology in the supply chain system and the domestic and foreign well-known automobile manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, to help customers meet in the production process of dynamic and fragmented demand, including spare parts management, sales, logistics and finance.

BIRept technology has a strong advisory capacity in the automotive industry IT informatization, development and testing method of mature theory and standardized processes, and industry leading companies have long-term good cooperation history, integration and professional knowledge in automotive industry and IT solutions, the Bi soft technology to industry trusted IT partner.

Our professional services cover the automotive industry in product development, supply chain management, production, sales and after-sales service and support and other links.

Service area:


• product development

Based on the product development project management, life cycle management, embedded system and knowledge engineering expertise and knowledge of product development, we can provide end-to-end solutions, performance and function test from the concept of product design to complete product.

Supply chain

Our supply chain management services include supply chain consulting, implementation, procurement and logistics, from application development, package implementation, to application maintenance and support.


In accordance with the international automotive industry safety and environmental standards, it provides IT solutions for automotive materials, automotive components and quality management.

Sales and after sales

We have extensive experience in CRM, dealer management system, automobile warranty system and automotive e-commerce system, and provide end to end service for pre-sales, sales and after-sales service of automotive industry.

• support

BIRept technology for the automotive industry to provide customers with human resources and fiscal outsourcing (BPO business), as well as infrastructure operations and other services.

Core advantage:

It provides a high return on investment for automotive customers to help you save costs, achieve differentiation and speed up product launch.

• soft technology covers a wide range of services in the automotive industry, including manufacturing processes, component management, sales and distribution, logistics systems and financial systems.

• 17 years of IT service experience, working closely with top automotive brands.

• the automotive industry has a large pool of IT technical personnel and a wide range of technologies, such as SAP-FI / CO, MM, SD, PS, ABAP, JAVA, /.NET and cloud computing.

Commercial value:

• BIRept technology has experienced automotive professional IT staffing to help customers streamline IT organizations and optimize IT operating efficiency.

• soft tech understands the automotive mature market and emerging markets, and understands the tastes of car consumers. We help customers achieve business model adjustments, providing consumer based demand oriented IT services to help manufacturers return to the road of revival.

• by virtue of the strong technical strength and talent pool of our company, our customers will benefit from the latest IT technology and effectively speed up the pace of entering new markets.

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