Corporate Social Responsibility

Guangzhou has been committed to becoming a responsible corporate citizen for many years, advocating the return of society and the environment in which we live. Based on the concept of continuous innovation and sustainable development, the attention of society, environment and staff will be integrated into the daily production and operation of the company, so as to promote the development of the industry with its own development. Attract talent, solve employment; independent innovation; use new technology to serve the society; pay attention to environmental protection and devote oneself to philanthropy.

Attention and respect for employee development

Respect for employee personality, adhere to the "people-oriented" corporate culture, and strive to provide employees with a better working environment, career development, quality of life.


Responsible attitude, continue to create value for customers, responsible for shareholders, customers, society and social respect, and strive to contribute to the development of IT service industry.

Charitable donations

Guangzhou not only cares about its employees, but also cares for people in the society who are in adversity and need help. When the country is in trouble, we give generously when others are in trouble:

In 2008, we worked with the people of the whole country to fight against the snow and ice disasters. We sent our help to the people in the disaster areas by way of donations;

After the Wenchuan earthquake, we promptly to their compatriots lost their homes in the earthquake and the relatives sent donations and cordial greetings to them at the same time, sporadic slogan T-shirts to the dissemination of information, to attract more social attention and concern.

Similarly, we are also concerned about social vulnerable groups. Guangzhou has established close ties with the orphanage. We set up a special donation box at the reception desk, calling on employees to accumulate daily pocket money to help an orphan grow up healthy and happy. And companies often organize staff to visit children in orphanages, play with them, and let children feel the love from society.

Public cultural construction

With its own technical expertise, Guangzhou BIRept provides support for the development of public cultural undertakings and enables more people to understand and participate in the heritage and development of cultural undertakings. For example, on tour "of the Internet Internet dream children's poverty charity project, organize volunteer team to help its website; help China Dunhuang traditional art heritage, volunteer organization construction of Dunhuang art museum website 3D network.

Environmental protection

In order to protect our precious natural resources, Guangzhou has become an industry leader in environmental protection. We integrate energy conservation into our daily work processes, and promote the use of recycled paper to help protect forest resources and reduce pollution in the papermaking process.

Providing employment opportunities

Guangzhou BIRept supply jobs in expanding their business territory, increase employment capacity, ease the employment pressure; in addition, we also actively for the community to provide training resources, to improve the professional technical level and comprehensive quality of employment, the overall quality of China's IT practitioners to enhance the contribution strength, and hope the formation of enterprise feedback mode to promote the benign cycle driven enterprise development progress, industry.

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