Customers can use Bi soft diversified professional services, strengthen the workflow management and business intelligence, simplify the traditional application to support real-time and flexible business processes, improve product performance and achieve rapid business transformation, innovation and efficiency, enjoy the benefits.

The financial industry is experiencing rapid growth and continues to change and change as the external environment changes. Today, financial institutions need to reexamine their current strategy and reassess the business models of systems and processes to remain viable and competitive in the post crisis era.

Opportunities and challenges:

• regulatory norms and risk management responsibilities

• rapid expansion of business scale

• increasingly demanding customers and greater transaction data

• the need to face increasing competition at home and abroad

Customers can use Bi and soft cooperation with Bi soft diverse range of professional services, improve the interaction and communication between customers and their work, strengthen process management and business intelligence, and simplify the traditional application to support real-time and flexible business process, enjoy the benefits and efficiency, innovation. Customers also benefit from the deep industry expertise of Bi soft technology, and can better manage risks, improve product performance and achieve rapid business transformation.

Service area:

• application development and maintenance

Application testing

• ERP consulting and Implementation

• manage infrastructure management and operations services

Business process outsourcing services

Specific include:



Specialty areas:

• silver industry

• iTreasury bank capital business integration solutions

Core system

Retail bank

Online banking

Credit card

• portfolio settlement and performance reports

• customer service - channel management, customer relationship management, eCare service model, etc.

• risk management

• SWIFT international payments

• securities and capital markets

• investment trading support system solutions

Fund transfer

Exchange Traded Fund

Online trading

Business support system

• risk management

• Internet ERP

• insurance

Life insurance, annuity, pension

Claim management

• agency and sales management - performance, evaluation, reporting

• customer relationship management and customer support

• risk management and business analysis

• internal ERP - Finance, human resources, etc.

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