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BIRept manufacturers to provide a full range of business solutions, through new information technology to improve production efficiency, and promote continuous innovation, so that customers maintain technological and technological leadership, access to industry competitive advantage.

The manufacturing sector has been one of the hardest hit by the turbulent economy. With the expansion of the consumer market atrophy and global competition, to continuous innovation, using new information technology to improve the efficiency, reduce the budget and maintain the stability of staff, manufacturing is confronted with hitherto unknown pressure.

Opportunities and challenges:

• with the widespread spread of information across the web, process and technology leadership can be easily replicated. Accelerating entry into the market is critical to maintaining competitive advantage for each company.

• the aging workforce in the developed countries is pushing multinational companies to enter the young professionals market in developing countries such as China and India.

• in the face of increasingly complex global value chains, manufacturers should strengthen the integration of information with customers and suppliers as a top priority.

• the pace of the technological revolution has not been a sign of relaxation, and the company has long been trying to retain skilled people with diverse skills.

We have 15 years of cooperation experience with manufacturing customers, and have always been the preferred long-term partner of the top enterprises in this industry.

Service area:

Product engineering

Application development and maintenance

• test

• managing infrastructure management and desktop help

• ERP, CRM, SCM, data warehouse, business intelligence

• technical support

Specialty areas:

Supply chain management

• asset and inventory management

• waste and quality management

Logistics management

Performance and reporting

Production process management

• internal ERP

We help manufacturers develop business solutions to drive efficiency, revenue, innovation, and virtualization. Customers benefit from our deep industry expertise. We help our customers control risks, implement relevant laws and regulations, improve product performance and achieve business transformation.

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