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Guangzhou BIRept to participate in the Sixth China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition semi-finals


Guangzhou BIRept, as a certain scale software development services and software outsourcing enterprises, since its inception in 2010, has been focusing on R & D investment, sustained annual growth of R & D investment in research and development of new products, with the focus on Internet plus rapid development, according to the "opinions of the state Council on promoting the innovation of public entrepreneurship peoples policy measures" (Guo Fa 2015 No. 32) and the "State Council Guiding Opinions on accelerating construction of innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples support platform" (Guo Fa 2015 No. 53) the relevant deployment, in 2017 the Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of finance, Ministry of education, the national network information office and the National Federation held the sixth session of Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship competition, our company has come up with Internet plus innovation project their own positive entries, and in July 20, 2017, to attend the sixth session of innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (China Guangdong Guangzhou Division) Internet and mobile Internet industry semi-finals, hoping to gain gains.


Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship competition is by the Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of finance, Ministry of education, the national network information office and the National Association of industry and Commerce jointly guide, the CYL Central Committee, China Zhi Gong Party Central Committee, the State Bureau of foreign experts, China Merchants Bank jointly support the highest standard of China's innovation and entrepreneurship competition. Competition adhering to the "government guidance, public support, market mechanism" concept, the "racetrack on horse, market resources", in the attention of the guidance and support of the unit and meticulous care, actively cooperate with the local government, science and technology management department and the National High New District, in a wide range the participating banks, venture capital, media and other social circles, has been successfully held five sessions.

According to statistics, the six contest entries have been accumulated over 120 thousand projects have emerged, unmanned boat, tidal power, naked eye 3D, intelligent integration of water and fertilizer irrigation and other innovative projects, they represent excellent domestic scientific research strength, but also in the world at first or advanced level, China embodies the wisdom and wisdom made. Contest multiple, open and sharing "character", also attracted venture capital institutions, actively participate in the social organization of entrepreneurial services, industry leading enterprises, the investment and financing services, docking technology start-ups and other direction, the full range of assistance for participating enterprises.

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