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Guangzhou green soft invited to participate in the construction of the four Bureau of supply chain management system construction bidding meeting


After the initial communication, Guangzhou country soft Mdt InfoTech Ltd with rich experience in the implementation of software project, quality service and good reputation of the industry to win in the construction of four party trust, in July 11, 2016, the director of sales department manager, sales with the Ministry of Commerce officials, were invited to participate in the construction of four Shenzhen Industrial Co. Ltd. supply chain management system of project bidding, the successful bidder wishes to!

China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Construction four Bureau), the world's top 500 enterprises in 2012 ranked 100th China Construction Engineering Corporation, major direct companies. China Construction four Bureau was established in August 1962 as the Construction Engineering Department of Guizhou engineering company. It has been 50 years old. In September 27, 2002, the Guangdong Provincial People's government was approved by Guangdong province. In December 9th of the same year, the headquarters of the four Bureau was moved from Guiyang city to Guangzhou City, and the central office was put into the management of Guangdong province.

In the construction of four buildings now has a research and development, design, construction, survey, testing as one of the national housing construction general contracting qualification, the building has been the national highest honor "Luban prize", the provincial and ministerial level quality engineering award and other honors more than 260, and for 21 consecutive years was named "the contract Shou the credit enterprise", "national construction enterprises advanced management unit", is Chinese Construction Industry Association as "the first batch of national construction industry AAA grade credit enterprise". At present, its total number of employees more than 10000 people in the building of four, 5 a number of companies, 1 real estate companies, 1 research and Design Institute and 6 regional companies, the main business scope is concentrated in key business areas of Southern China, southwest, East, Beijing and Tianjin, Hebei, Fujian.

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